We are a member and community based Social Enterprise with ethical practices, social responsibility, and positive change makers at our core.

Our mission is to empower young people to create paths for themselves that are fulfilling, passion driven and full of love and empathy. To connect young people with the knowledge, opportunities and community we need to succeed and build the resilience that unprecedented times like these are calling for.


We have come together to create a community in which Young Australians can cultivate their ideas, share resources and skills and connect with a network of mentors who commit to pulling each other up and cultivating a more empathy-driven Australia. 



YEmpower as imagined by Jacinta Rochcouste

“This is such a critical time to be pulling focus into building stronger communities amongst young people, where real human connection and communication is fostered, and positive collaboration is taught as a practical tool for personal and societal growth. 


This is the ethos of YEmpower, an organisation dedicated to building confidence in young Australians with mentoring programs and a safe community for transitioning into the perplexing world of adulthood. 


YEmpower and I have come together in the past few weeks to re-create branding that evokes strength, growth, togetherness and passion - all of the values they represent; all of the values they aim to instill in the young people they interact with through their work.


I am thankful to have played a small part in this journey and I wish the organisation all the best in making this world a more bearable place for many in the current climate”.

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At YEmpower, we believe Young Australians are being left in the lurch. If every young Australian who had lost their job since March was counted as officially unemployed  the youth unemployment rate would be 26.5 per cent. Whilst some will rush to blame COVID-19, Youth unemployment before the pandemic was more than double the national unemployment rate. Action needed to be taken then and it needs to be taken NOW.

Our Story

After experiencing the worst that a poorly ideated and mentored career could offer, Our Founder Ness, decided to turn her experiences into something positive, constructive and life changing. Her mission is to provide young people with the tools, resources and opportunities she wished were more accessible to her when she was 17. 

YEmpower was founded in January of 2020, after Ness became unemployed and found herself inflecting and realising that up until that point goal ideation, mentoring support, and career development had not been a part of building her career.

Career knowledge, goal ideation and planning is often placed on Young People as presumed knowledge, when in reality, most of us are unaware that it is a necessary aspect of building our careers. This period of unemployment illuminated a lot of the challenges and deficiencies young people suffer in silence with every day.

Mentoring, guidance and support are not freely given tools in the workplace and they should be. This is not even to mention educational institutions like High Schools and Universities that are charged with preparing us for the real world who often withhold critical information from young Australians.

According to Burn Bright, 30% of young students felt like they didn’t have an adult to look up to or admire and a further 85% of students felt nervous about their futures, At YEmpower we believe we need to do more to change these statistics and help young Australians plan for their futures.

Our team consists of leading female entrepreneurs and includes Katherine Melville and Nevena Apostoloska, Young Australian Women who are determined to make these long overdue changes and a positive impact on those around them.

We believe more has to be done and we believe we are the ones to do it. YEmpower has worked hard to create and implement a series of programs, policies, and frameworks to ensure that our organisation and its members will do its best to reflect the kind of society we want to see in the future. A society wherein which young Australians are given the tools they need to succeed, thrive and grow.

What We Want:

Community Building and Mentorship

We have never been more connected through the Internet and Social media, however most young people have never felt more alone. 1 in 3 Young Australians between the ages of 18 – 25 reported problematic levels of loneliness, in a report commissioned by Victorian Health.


At YEmpower we believe it is up to us to build a national community that is focused on building mentor-ship opportunities and connecting Young People across Australia. We are stronger when we lift each other up. You can sign up to YEmpower as a mentor, mentee or member and our free online members group is an unlimited source of support. You can join here.

Knowledge, Skills and Resource Sharing

Information and educational opportunities need to be more accessible and freely shared within our communities.


We at YEmpower believe that knowledge and resource sharing is the key to giving Young Australians the confidence and the tools to achieve their goals, aspirations, and potential.


Professional Development

Most Secondary Career Development Education models are often under-resourced and ill informed as to what Young Australians want to learn in order to aid them in their Post School endeavours.


At YEmpower we create easy and interactive programs, workshops and applications, developed in collaboration with Young Australians, for Young Australians. At YEmpower, we believe knowledge is power and the means to restore the confidence of Young Australians in the face of all challenges they may experience.

Advocacy and Empathy Education

Many Young Australians enter the workforce without the tools to fight for their rights in the workplace. Young people are over-represented in insecure and casual work and there is no real education for Young Australians on their rights at work.

At YEmpower we plan to teach Young Australians about empathy and advocacy, key knowledge that the YPower facilitators, mentors and members wish they were taught before entering the workforce. You can join YEmpower here.

How We Plan On Getting There

YEmpower has created and implemented a series of programs, policies and frameworks to ensure that our organisation and its members will do its best to reflect the kind of society we want to see in the future.


We have implemented:

The Five Keys to Succeed Program

Developed by young Australians for young Australians. This program is engineered to teach us key skills that most educational institutions gloss over or in some cases, is not covered at all.


Our Mentor and Mentee teams will undertake the Five Keys to Succeed Program together in order to ensure that our Mentees are adequately guided and supported through their journey.


Policies and Frameworks to support brave and safe spaces

The grievance policies of most major organisations are severely lacking. Young Australians have come together to develop a series of guidelines and best practice outcomes to ensure that no Grievance is ever neglected, mismanaged, or handled without the sensitivity or care that it demands.

Thoughtful and empathetic participation in Dialogue and Debate must be inclusive of all the contributions of young Australians no matter their background.

Our Respectful Debate and Dialogue Module will be compulsory for all Mentors and Mentees commencing their time with YEmpower. 


The Mentee and Mentor Framework

We are working to implement a community of capable and thriving Mentors and Mentees, committed to exchanging information, experiences and guidance, that we as Young Australians are so desperately missing in this day and age.


Our Mentors will help our Mentees develop achievable and measurable goals, guide them through the Five Keys to Succeed Program and provide enough support and guidance for Mentees to one day feel confident enough to offer guidance to those that need to be mentored.


Each Mentor will be supported in attaining their WWCC, NPRC and First Aid Certificate to ensure the integrity of the Mentor and Mentee Framework.  


If you wish to sign up and be contacted with additional information, you can join YEmpower here.


The Empathy Ambassador Framework

With empathy, understanding and compassion we can build a community of young Australians committed to pulling each other up the ladder and supporting each other through all of the challenges we face. 


We are encouraging each person that joins our Social Enterprise to sign on and commit to be a YEmpower Empathy Ambassador. To uphold the principles and values of YEmpower both in their own personal lives and when working with YEmpower.