Young Australians building intentional communities and sharing knowledge.


About Us

A Brighter Future Through Education

YEmpower Australia is a youth mentoring advocacy service geared towards young people aged 17 - 27. Our mission is to empower young people to create paths for themselves that are fulfilling, passion driven and full of love and empathy. To connect young people with the knowledge, opportunities and community we need to succeed and build the resilience that unprecedented times like these are calling for.


We have come together to create a community in which Young Australians can cultivate their ideas, share resources and skills and connect with a network of mentors who commit to pulling each other up and cultivating a more empathy-driven Australia. 

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We wouldn't be able to do the work that we do to empower young Australians, without support from our community and those who see value in our mission!

A lot of energy, effort and people power goes into running our programs and initiatives and your donation is a huge and impactful drop in an ocean of change! 

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What we do!

Community Building and Mentoring Program

At YEmpower we believe it is up to us to build a national community that is focused on building mentorship opportunities and connecting Young People across Australia. We are stronger when we lift each other up. You can sign up to YEmpower as a mentor, mentee or member and our free online members group is an unlimited source of support. You can join here.

Advocacy and Empathy Education

Many Young Australians enter the workforce without the tools to fight for their rights in the workplace. Young people are over-represented in insecure and casual work and there is no real education for Young Australians on their rights at work.

At YEmpower we plan to teach Young Australians about empathy and advocacy, key knowledge that the YEmpower facilitators, mentors and members wish was more accessible when they desperately needed them. You can join YEmpower here.

Knowledge, Skill and Resource Sharing

Information and educational opportunities need to be more accessible and freely shared within our communities. We at YEmpower believe that knowledge and resource sharing is the key to giving Young Australians the confidence and the tools to achieve their goals, aspirations, and potential.


When Strong Women Talk 

When Strong Women Talk (WSWT) is a YEmpower Podcast produced by Our Bloc Studios. It was formed when two friends and housemates decided that enough was enough - tune in to hear them talk everything sex, politics, spirituality and gender.