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For Young Australians

The Mentor and Mentee Framework

We are a community of capable and thriving Mentors and Mentees, committed to exchanging information, experiences and guidance, that we as Young Australians are so desperately missing in this day and age.


Our Mentors help our Mentees develop achievable and measurable goals, guide them through the Five Keys to Succeed Program and provide enough support and guidance for Mentees to one day feel confident enough to offer guidance to those that need to be mentored.


Each Mentor will be supported in attaining their WWCC, NPRC and First Aid Certificate to ensure the integrity of the Mentor and Mentee Framework.  


If you wish to sign up and be contacted with additional information, you can join YEmpower here.


The Five Keys to Succeed Program

Developed by Young Australians for Young Australians. This program is engineered to teach us key skills that most educational institutions gloss over or in some cases, is not covered at all. Our Mentor and Mentee teams will undertake the Five Keys to Succeed Program together in order to ensure that our Mentees are adequately guided and supported through their journey.

In our Five Keys to Succeed Program we aim to cover the following core keys:

  1. Resume and Cover Letter writing

  2. The Job Interview

  3. Personal Tax and Finances 

  4. Learning Advocacy 

  5. Empathy Practices

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An Empathy Ambassador Framework

With empathy, understanding and compassion we can build a community of Young Australians committed to pulling each other up the ladder and supporting each other through all of the challenges we face. 


We are encouraging each person that joins our Social Enterprise to sign on and commit to be a YEmpower Empathy Ambassador. To uphold the principles and values of YEmpower both in their own personal lives and when working with YEmpower.