Our Team at YEmpower is committed to building communities and spaces where Young Australians can come together to share their ideas, skills and connect with each other to form a national network of empathetic and capable Mentors and Mentees.

The team at YEmpower has spent the last few months creating, ideating and implementing a series of programs and frameworks that ensures the organisation we are building will reflect the kind of society most of our team wish they grew up in.

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Ness Song

Tallulah Watson Moyle

Co-Founder - YEMPOWER.

Co-host of When Strong Women Talk, Tallulah is a young activist who is studying a social science and politics degree.


She has a strong desire to change the world and strives to leave every place better than the way she found it. This guiding principle is what follows her work in YEmpower.


Tallulah has past experience working as a student representative and as part of a youth led association. Tallulah is building her experience with public speaking and workshop facilitation and one day hopes to be paid to speak professionally.


With an affinity for social media, she helps coordinate YEmpower’s digital presence and is also a mentee in a mentor partnership.

Matthew Jeffrey

Co-Founder - YEMPOWER & OurBloc

Matt is a youth advocate, entrepreneur and artist. His joy is in aligning young people with their purpose, and identity, and in showcasing their efforts.


A working musician for 6 years, Matt took stock of the poor treatment those receive in the music industry. He founded Our Bloc Community Studio and Radio in 2021. The social enterprise offers affordable live, recording, mixing and distributive services. More importantly, Our Bloc offers musical and technical educational opportunities, and improves accessibility outcomes in a traditionally prohibitive and exclusive industry. The core motive underlying Our Bloc is valuing creation. Matt understands the importance of sharing and building platforms to empower young people.


Matt is currently studying a degree in Audio Production and Sound Design at JMC Academy in Sydney.


Matt’s career background also spans many different industries. From marketing to content creation, to hospitality and warehousing. In delivering in these different roles, he realised his co-workers faced all similar challenges of disaccess to mentorship, inadequate mental health support, and systemic worker’s rights abuses and issues. Injured on the warehousing floor due to inhuman pressures, and after subsequent bullying by upper management, Matt decided to up and move to Sydney, vowing to contribute to true social justice change.

CEO & Founder - YEMPOWER

Ness is a social entrepreneur and community builder. Her passion is connecting Young Australians with the opportunities, knowledge and connections they need to grow and thrive.


Her mission is to provide young people with the tools, resources and opportunities she wished were accessible to her when she was 17. 

Ness has spent the last five years of her professional career working with Young Australians, in high-level organising roles in the student advocacy, the NFP Sector, NSW and Australian Parliament and the Union Movement. 

After spending most of her professional career looking for mentorship and guidance to no avail she began to think more deeply about the root causes of her experiences.


This led her to found YEmpower in early 2020.

Co-Founder - YEMPOWER.

Kate Melville is a Sydney University Graduate who discovered her love for international relations during her high school French days. Learning a foreign language unlocked a large section of the world which had previously felt inaccessible.

After completing an Economics/French double degree, Kate went on to a Master of International Security specialising in Arabic. During her time at university she engaged with activism on campus and worked in a number of casual and part-time roles in different industries.

It was through these experiences that Kate developed her passion of advocating for the rights of young workers in Australia and has a goal to encourage further education and language learning in young people. After graduating Kate moved to Canberra where she now works as a consultant in a global engineering company.


Nev Apostoloska

Kate Melville

Co-Founder - YEMPOWER.

Nevena is a passionate and fierce advocate for equal rights and activism. 

Her goal in life has always been to change the world in a positive way for those who struggle and live in it. 

Nevena is a former Forensic Science and Law student who has spent the last year focusing on how to create positive impacts in the lives of people around her.