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The goal of the Skillshare Network is to cultivate the shared values and connectedness of our community in an accessible and collective-sharing mindset. To ensure that every individual knows that not everyone knows or needs to know everything, but everyone knows something that they can share with one another.

We believe that being and sharing skills and activities across a broad spectrum of interests and topics, is a crucial key to building connection and understanding with one another.


The idea of the Skillshare Network sprang from the hopeful desire to provide a friendly an

This logo was designed for our Network by talented Graphic Designer, Magdalena Tausch. It symbolises the various skills and passions that we can exchange as a community amongst ourselves.

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Magdalena Tausch

Graphic Designer, Archaeologist, Entrepreneur

Born and raised in the countryside of Transylvania, immigrated to Germany as a child where she later studied Archaeology and Graphic Design – combining both of her passions: Science and Art. After traveling the first time to Australia she fell in love with this country and promised herself to come back one day. 10 years later, she made her dream come true and immigrated to Australia for good, where she founded her own graphic design studio working as a freelance graphic designer.

Having experienced by herself that education can bring you to places you only dream about, her vision is to bring education to all children around this globe. Which is why she had founded “the Academy of the Past” - an educational program, where kids are going to be interactively thought about art, science and history. 

She also believes in the power of self-education which can help you thrive and shift your mindset to become a better and healthier version of yourself. She is proud to be a co-founder of YEmpower Australia and shares her knowledge, energy and wisdom with the community in a way that enriches the experience of being in community.


Magda is a nature and animal lover, curious explorer, environmentalist, health enthusiast and #changemaker.


Sam Chung 

Professional Gamer, Games Master, Storyteller

Sam is a game enthusiast. He has been gaming from the 1st generation Pokémon to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sam currently has a particular fondness for tabletop games. He realized that as much as he liked winning in games, Sam liked the aspect of spending time with family and friends more. He enjoy finding ways to make gaming relevant to any topic and to endlessly drone on about how great playing games is not only for entertainment, but also for helping develop transferable and interpersonal skills.


Sam also has an interest in education. He likes teaching and explaining to others about the things he knows and understands. Sam has experience tutoring one-on-one and small classes of primary school and high school students. He doesn’t just teach students the content, he also tries to teach them life lessons in hopes they will not fall into many of the same traps he did when he was of school age.


Through gaming, Sam has become a much better version of himself and he wishes to leverage who he is now to give to the community in a way only Sam can.


Sam is very much looking forward to contributing to the Skillshare Network and seeing everyone at the gaming table.