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Upcoming Events

Virtual Monthly Meeting

Community Meeting

Every second Wednesday of the month - 6PM

Our monthly community meetings are a wonderful opportunity for our mentors, mentees and community members to get connected, seek support from each other and share stories and experiences of hope in these unprecedented times! You can register here! 

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Past Events

Virtual Meeting

Dinner and Discussion

07.07.21 - 6.30PM

Put some gemmies in the oven, cook your favourite lockdown meal and pour yourself a non alcoholic (or alcoholic) drink, it is time for our second ever YEmpower Dinner and Discuss evening.

This is a great chance to present and speak about a topic you care about, in a non-judgemental virtual setting.


All of our community members across Australia are welcome but this is also a good chance for our folx stuck in lockdown to interact with one another, get social and have a bit of a laugh!

Virtual Organising

Community Clean-Up Organising Meeting

01.07.21 - 6PM

In the lead up to our Community Clean-up, YEmpower is hosting a virtual organising meeting to set out the logistics for our clean-up. 

We decided to host this community clean up because we believe that every person has a responsibility and a custodianship to the planet we live on and that supports us in so many ways. When we give to the earth, she repays us tenfold. Come along, give back and enjoy the company of community who want to make a difference.

Small acts, multiplied by many people, can change the world.

The 1st of July was initially the date set for our first ever community clean-up but due to COVID restrictions and lockdown we have designated this time and space to make our community clean up even better!

Virtual Workshop

Consent Workshop

29.06.2021 @ 5PM AEST

YEmpower in collaboration with Legal Aid NSW is delivering a free workshop and discussion space to talk consent. To attend, click the arrow to register on the Evenbrite page.

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